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Monday, 3 January 2011

The cure

This is England

Construction Magazine

Commissioned by Construction magazine, an illustration tackling the green restraints that builders face under construction laws.

Another strange drawing . . .

Insdie Housing Magazine commission

Stella Magazine, The Telegrath - Secret Liasons

Yet again, fate had landed me with another splendid art director to work with, this time going by the name of Jason Morris from The Telegrath.

The commission was to illustrate an article about 'the wife' seeking glamour and escapism from her loving familytaking her straight into the arms of an explicit, hot, sex affair, obviously all foreign to me. One can only imagine the scenario . . . One full page image and two drop ins were required, here are my favourites.

The New River Path Troll

Smile and you'll be fine.

Feeling fruity

Blueberries, Orange Squash, Plumb'ers, Pearshapes . . .

Cent Magazine - Millicent Fay

And back to drawing again. This was commissioned by the good folk of Cent magazine, and it was to illustrate the next part of the Millicent Fay chapter. She's a hellov'a gal.

Waterstones Books Quarterly p.1

Working with a wonderful art director called Simon Campbell (which to an illustrator is like a gift from the gods) this illustration was created for an article by Laura Marlin. It was inspired by the Famous Five and the adventures that lead them on to all sorts of wild and wonderful adventures.

English Pen drawing


Firstly, happy new year to y'all. Secondly, having finally found some sacred time to upload work from the past 6 months, I thought I'd well and truly take advantage of that fact. So, in drawings terms back to firstly, here you will find a drawing I was asked to do for English Pen promoting their Autumn events. English Pen are a literary group who support writers and host wholesome events, they're website is: . Check them out - they're an extremely good bunch. The artwork was based on free speech hence the reason why the speech characters are trying to break from the literary jail.